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CCIM Korea Chapter to hold 'TheAnalyst PRO' Introduction Seminar

CCIM Korea Chapter to hold 'TheAnalyst PRO' Introduction Seminar  2018-03-27 11:29   CCIM Korea Chapter will hold a briefing for the introduction of 'TheAnalyst PRO', a commercial real estate investment analysis software used by US CCIMs, at 2P.M. on March 3, 2018 in the WeWork at Yoido in which Mr. Todd Kuhlmann, CCIM, CEO of The Analyst PRO, will give a lecture. The Analyst PRO is renowned for commercial real estate investment analysis software that provides financial analysis and mapping capabilities as well as investment analysis, lease analysis, market analysis and reporting tools via PC and mobile. Dr. Yong Nam, KIM, president of CCIM Korea Chapter (CEO of Global PMC), said, "Domestic commercial real estate market is becoming globalized and specialized, but we are still doing business using Excel without domestic commercial real estate investment analysis software. It is necessary to introduce real estate investment analysis software for specialization and advancement of our domestic market." As a result, CCIM Korea Chapter has been working with The Analyst Pro to provide specialization and service diversification in the domestic commercial real estate investment market. 'The Analyst PRO Introduction event is free to CCIMs and general participants if they pre-registerwith the CCIM Korea Chapter. Meanwhile, the CCIM Institute, an association of real estate investment analysts in the United States, has more than 16,000 active members in 35 countries. The CCIM Korea Chapter is a global commercial real estate investment professional group in Korea with more than 2000 members, including more than 700 preliminary members and 1,300 full-time CCIM members since it was established in 2002. For more information, please contact CCIM Korea Chapter at   Kim Jinsu reporter,   Korea Economic Daily:

[The Korea Economic Daily]Fantastic Opportunity for Perusing Information on Real Estate and Related

Fantastic Opportunity for Perusing Information on Real Estate and Related Technologies March 12, 2018 10:19|March 12, 2018 18:41    "Realty Expo Korea 2018 to Unveil in Sept. This Year   Organized by Korea’s No.1 Business News Provider Korea Economic Daily FIABCI KOREA to Sponsor Jointly... Interest of 67 Member Countries Heightened REK 2018 Organizers Start Taking Applications... Foreign Exhibitors to Get Additional Discounts   Realty Expo Korea (REK), the global festival for real estate professionals in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, will be with you for three days between September 19th and 21 at COEX in Seoul. The REK 2018 event will consist of a large-scale real estate exposition, the Global Real Estate Summit, business meetings, and a cocktail reception.   REK 2018 is organized by the Korea Economic Daily and sponsored jointly by the Korea branch of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) and KED Real Estate Research. The Global Real Estate Summit is Organized by KED Real Estate Research and Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) KOREA.   Since the organizers of REK 2018 announced the schedule on March 1, real estate firms and government agencies across the world have sent their applications to take part in the event. Those eligible to set up booth in the Expo zone include real estate developers, housing developers, construction firms, construction materials suppliers, interior and design firms, info-tech, Internet-of-Things, virtual reality/augmented reality firms, smart city and smart home vendors, government agencies, state-run enterprises, and special economic zone administrators. Late registration can’t be participated due to a limited number of booths in the venues.   Exhibitor applications may be made through the Realty Expo Korea 2018 website ( or by phone at 82-2-360-4260. Any exhibitor who registers before March 31 will get an early-bird discount for 10 percent. In addition, those exhibitors that are from FIABCI member countries will get an additional special discount.   Due to the fact that FIABCI Korea, the Korea branch of the world's largest organization for real estate professionals, is a joint organizer of the event, the interest of real estate firms from  FIABCI member countries is rising by the day. There are currently 67 member countries for the real estate federation. The news on REK 2018 is regularly posted on the website of FIABCI's headquarters in Paris.   The main theme of this year's exposition is "Real Estate Industry Trends in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution." Due to this, ever more exhibitors engaged in the business of smart city and smart home, mobile home, artificial intelligence, Internet-of-Things, virtual reality/augmented reality, and 3D printing will participate in the event. Naturally, more guests, as well as developers and investors, who are interested in the combination of new technology with the conventional real estate business will flock to the event.   Korea's real estate professionals, officials from central and local governments, and managers of state-run enterprises are busying themselves to set up booth in the trade show. Major trade organizations such as the Construction Association of Korea, the Korea Housing Builders Association, and Korea Housing Association, as well as developers and construction companies are vying to secure their spots in the venues. Other entities such as local government agencies, Korea Land & Housing Corporation, Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation, and special economic zone administrations are also submitting their applications as exhibitors in order to meet potential investors.   REK 2018 will likely be the fantastic marketplace for real estate professionals at the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in which investors can pick and choose from highly lucrative property opportunities while perusing the latest information on real estate development projects and new technologies including the convergency between blockchain and the real estate business.   By Park Young-shin, Reporter specialized in the construction and real estate industries

[The Korea Economic Daily ] Let's acquire the qualifications of U.S. Commercial Real Estate Investme

[The Korea Economic Daily ] Let's acquire the qualifications of U.S. Commercial Real Estate Investment Analyst (CCIM) and raise the price. A 35-year-old construction worker considered moving out of the company last year. Meanwhile, the developers and experts at asset management firms found out that they have licenses for U.S. Commercial Real Estate Investment Analyst (CCIM).I hesitated because I felt a little burden because the textbooks are written in English and the tests are also taken in English. However, he boldly tried to achieve CCIM capacity for future investment and moved to asset management last month, where he is currently in charge of real estate development. As more and more employers are eager to learn more about real estate investment analysis, CCIM qualifications are becoming popular. The CCIM Association of Korea will begin the CCIM regular curriculum on March 17. Education will be held every Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the Kangnam campus of the Han River near Seolleung Station exit No. 4 on Seoul Subway Line No. 2. Lecture is composed of subjects such as Real Estate Financial Analysis (101), Market Analysis (102), User Decision Analysis(CI103), Investment Analysis (104), and Course Time is 20 hours. The subjects of the classes are pension funds, real estate fund and equity asset management firms, financial institutions, rating agencies, accounting firms, real estate asset management firms, construction companies, construction companies, and real estate agents related to SH Corporation. Participants from groups of two or more and those who pay tuition fees by February 28 will receive a five percent discount. Students and graduates of Gangnam University, Konkuk University, Dankook University and Hanyang University real estate schools who have signed up with the CCIM Association can take three of CCIM core courses at a 50 percent discount. The association will hold an open exhibition on the CCIM qualification education at Gangnam campus in Seoul National University near Seolleung Station, Subway Line No. 2, Exit 4 at 7:00 p.m. on July 23. Kim Yong-nam, head of the Korean Association of Social Sciences, said, CCIM is a commercial real estate license that holds only the top 1 percent in the U.S. real estate industry, adding, When hiring major developers, asset managers and real estate agencies also provide their own licenses. The Korea Real Estate Investment Analysis Association (CCIM), based in the U.S., consists of around 16,000 regular employees from 35 countries and international business experts who are involved in real estate transactions.The CCIM Association is a global commercial real estate organization that has over 1900 members, including 1,200 regular members who obtained CCIM licenses and 700 prospective members. For more information, call. Kim Jin-soo,

[The Korea Economic Daily ]CCIM Institute to Hold International Conference Jointly with KED Real Est

CCIM Korea Chapter will jointly host the Asia Real Estate Summit that will be held concomitantly with the Korea Economic Daily's Cityscape Korea 2017. The summit, which will be held for two days from August 17 at Seoul's COEX Convention Center (Hall E), will be participated by leading CCIM designees and top real estate professionals who will make presentations on global real estate investment market trends and opportunities. The CCIM International Real Estate Conference to begin at 2 pm on the 18th will be organized by the CCIM Korea Association and the KED Real Estate Research Institute. Dr. Yong-Nam Kim, president of the CCIM Korea chapter, will make opening remarks, followed by a keynote speech by Dr. Joo-Hyun Cho professor, Konkuk University, titled "Current Trend in Overseas Real Estate Investment & Outlook." In the first session "Global Real Estate Market Outlook and Investment Opportunities", speakers from different countries will make presentations, including 2017 CCIM Institute president Robin Webb of the United States, Ms. Ellen Hsu of Canada, Mr. Sato Goto of Japan, Mr. Marris Hsieh of Taiwan, and Mr. Mark Kentwell of Australia. The second session will consist of presentations with a theme of overseas real estate investment strategies and cases. Mr. Bong-Gyo Suh, senior manager in charge of overseas investment for JR Investment Management, will explain the case of Japan while Mr. Chi-Wu Park, overseas investment senior manager for KTB Asset Management, focuses on overseas real estate loan investment strategy. CCIM stands for Certified Commercial Investment Member and CCIM designees are recognized as leading experts in commercial investment real estate. CCIM Institute (, a commercial real estate’s most influential organization, has chapters in 57 major cities across the world. Its commercial real estate investment analysis techniques are as well regarded as to be adopted by the MIT and New York University in their regular curriculum. The association has 16,000 regular CCIM designees. I n Asia, Korea is the first country to set up CCIM chapter in September 2002 and grows to be the largest chapter globally with over 1,130 CCIMs. The conference, organized jointly by the Korea Economic Daily and Britain's Informa Group, will be held together with Cityscape Korea 2017 . It is estimated that the Cityscape exhibition will attract 30,000 guests who are interested in real estate investment and home buying. In the event, private and public sector participants from 20 countries around the world will take part in, with a variety of offers at the ready. For further information or registration for the event, call Cityscape Korea secretariat at 82-2-360-4313 and 4265 or visit the website ( Article Link :

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