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[The Korea Economic Daily ] Let's acquire the qualifications of U.S. Commercial Real Estate Investme
[The Korea Economic Daily ] Let's acquire the qualifications of U.S. Commercial Real Estate Investment Analyst (CCIM) and raise the price.

A 35-year-old construction worker considered moving out of the company last year. Meanwhile, the developers and experts at asset management firms found out that they have licenses for U.S. Commercial Real Estate Investment Analyst (CCIM).I hesitated because I felt a little burden because the textbooks are written in English and the tests are also taken in English. However, he boldly tried to achieve CCIM capacity for future investment and moved to asset management last month, where he is currently in charge of real estate development.

As more and more employers are eager to learn more about real estate investment analysis, CCIM qualifications are becoming popular. The CCIM Association of Korea will begin the CCIM regular curriculum on March 17. Education will be held every Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the Kangnam campus of the Han River near Seolleung Station exit No. 4 on Seoul Subway Line No. 2. Lecture is composed of subjects such as Real Estate Financial Analysis (101), Market Analysis (102), User Decision Analysis(CI103), Investment Analysis (104), and Course Time is 20 hours.

The subjects of the classes are pension funds, real estate fund and equity asset management firms, financial institutions, rating agencies, accounting firms, real estate asset management firms, construction companies, construction companies, and real estate agents related to SH Corporation. Participants from groups of two or more and those who pay tuition fees by February 28 will receive a five percent discount. Students and graduates of Gangnam University, Konkuk University, Dankook University and Hanyang University real estate schools who have signed up with the CCIM Association can take three of CCIM core courses at a 50 percent discount. The association will hold an open exhibition on the CCIM qualification education at Gangnam campus in Seoul National University near Seolleung Station, Subway Line No. 2, Exit 4 at 7:00 p.m. on July 23.

Kim Yong-nam, head of the Korean Association of Social Sciences, said, CCIM is a commercial real estate license that holds only the top 1 percent in the U.S. real estate industry, adding, When hiring major developers, asset managers and real estate agencies also provide their own licenses.

The Korea Real Estate Investment Analysis Association (CCIM), based in the U.S., consists of around 16,000 regular employees from 35 countries and international business experts who are involved in real estate transactions.The CCIM Association is a global commercial real estate organization that has over 1900 members, including 1,200 regular members who obtained CCIM licenses and 700 prospective members. For more information, call.

Kim Jin-soo,